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RIVA TRAVEL is your ONLY LOCAL ONLINE PERSONAL ADVISOR for day trips from Split. With over 10 years of experience in the Split day-tour industry and having served over 50.000 guests, we have earned a reputation for providing expert recommendations for the best day tours available. Our guiding principle is to only recommend tours that guests have rated as excellent and remembered as some of the best experiences of their Croatian holiday. Many other day-tour companies in Split either lack experience, or prioritize their own tours over potentially better alternatives.


EXPERIENCE: We operated from our own day-tour agency located in the centre of Split for over 5 years

OBJECTIVITY: We always prioritized independence and never offered our own tours. Instead, we gained the extensive knowledge of the market and worked collaboratively with our guests to find the best day tours on the market

RECOMMENDATIONS: We take our guest’s feedback seriously, and actively follow day-tour ratings to be able to choose only the best rated tours. We do all the homework for you! 

COOPERATION: We have collaborated with over 100 day-tour organizers, guides and skippers in Split. We gained valuable insight into their operations and identified the most reliable partners

HAPPY GUESTS: We served over 50.000 guests who choose one or more of our recommended tours. We take each of their comments seriously and work together with the organizers to make the tours the most enjoyable for future guests

EXPERTISE: We personally went to all the tours with our friends, families and children to gain valuable experience. What may be an amazing tour for some, may not be suitable for everyone. This way we can offer you our insights and recommendations, especially if you travel with children, elderly or have specific concerns.

TIME VALUE: We remain independent in our choice of tours, and guarantee to offer only the tours that are worth your time. We know how precious each day of your holiday is

In response to the challenges presented by the COVID pandemic, we made the decision to close our physical agency and instead offer our knowledge as your personal online advisors. Our passion remains unchanged as we actively continue to go on all the tours, explore the market and work with organizers in Split to provide you with a one-stop-shop for finding the best quality day-tours.

On top of this, we regularly write blogs offering specific advice based on our personal experiences on specific tours. This way, we can share our insights and recommendations with you and help you make informed decisions when booking your next day-tour in Split.

To make it easier for you, we have enabled you to BOOK DIRECTLY THROUGH RIVA TRAVEL WEBSITE. Just click on the tour of your choice and finish your shopping in one go.

We are excited to receive all of your questions! We want to be your friend in Split and give you our sincere advice so you can have the best possible experience while exploring our beautiful part of the world. The only thing we want in return is that you have amazing time on day-tours and your very much appreciated feedback!

Ivana, Sandra, Zrinka & Bojan

Your personal advisors for day tours in Split

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