Top 7 Most Beautiful Spots in Croatia you should visit while in Split, but you won’t find in Day Tour leaflets

When you come to Split, you get bombarded with day tour leaflets, and this is because Split is located in such a perfect spot – there are too many amazing places you can go to on a day tour!

But, I always feel like I need to let you know of other beautiful places that you may not see in these leaflets because they are not normally a part of the organized tours. This is not because those places are not just as amazing, but mostly because it is inconvenent to organize a group tour due to either location, or because not many people know about them so there is not enough demand.

However, we can always organize a transfer, and even help you with finding accommodation if necesssary. So, inspired by the Earth day coming tomorrow, I decided to tell you about some of these places that you may not find in many blogs or leaflets when you’re in Split. Croatia is an inexhaustible source of abundant forests, picturesque islands, tourquoise beaches and stunning architecture. Reducing this list to only 7 was such a hard task for me! But I don’t want to overwhelm you, so I here is my choice:

Greeting to the Sun

Greeting to the Sun in Zadar

Apart from the natural beauty, Croatia offers some other modern wonders that genuinely deserve to be on your travel list, one of those being the Greeting to the Sun in Zadar.

This beautiful scenery is created by a set of glass and solar panels that collect energy during the day and create a fantastic light show at night. Visitors enjoy the colorful lights, and children love jumping from one light panel to another.

Zadar is only 2 hours drive from Split, and you can easily visit this place on a private tour. Once there, you may also visit another exciting spot only 2 minutes away. That is next on my list.

The Sea Organ


To add to the above visual beauty, you will find a sea organ right next to the Greeting to the Sun in Zadar, where the sea waves create music to go with the spectacular light show.

The organ looks like a large set of wide marble steps going into the sea. The lower steps allow the sea to go under, thus creating chime-like notes. Because the sea is restless, the sounds are never the same! What an amazing blend of human ideas and nature!

Visiting Zadar from Split is easy, although you won’t find it in many leaflets. On your way there, you can stop in Šibenik, and even visit National Park Krka. We can help you get ideas of all the things you can fit in one day on your way from Split to Zadar.

Kornati National Park

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The stunning Kornati archipelago is made of 89 scattered islets of all sizes. The islets are mostly uninhabited, although you may find some small stone houses built mostly by fisherman for shelter. These days, they are used as restaurants, or holiday houses.

The beautiful Kornati are ideally explored by boat from Zadar or Šibenik. There are some organized day tours from there, so if you decide to visit Zadar from Split you may be able to incorporate visiting Kornati also, together with the first two attractions on this list. We can help you organize transfer to Zadar and back to Split, and help you with organizing day tours from there.

If you want to see what this paradise looks like, take a virtual 360 degrees tour on the NP Kornati website here.


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Korčula island will captivate all your senses with ith magical beauty. Charming villages, olive groves, vinyards, stone buildings, sandy beaches, sunny days…Korčula is a dream.

The main town on this island named Korčula Town, will impress you with its Venetian architecture, busy picturesque streets and colourfull markets. Restaurants, cake shops, souvenir stalls…and amazing Adriatic sea wherever you look-it’s all there.


Photo credit: Ivan Bagić (

Mljet is the most forested island in all Adriatic, and one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. This spot is ideal for nature lovers: rich and unique flora and fauna will enchant you. Those who like to explore culture will be impressed with many archeological locations and historical finds, such as the amphoras left from the old Greek sunken boats.

Beautiful olive groves, vineyards, walking paths and peaceful beaches make a place for a perfect holiday if you are looking to find your zen and rest your body and soul.

If you are in Split, and plan to head south to Dubrovnik, Mljet is definitely another destination to think about.


Most beautiful beaches

Makarska has one of the most beautiful coastal geography in Croatia. With the glorius beaches and sparkly sea on one side, and second largest mountain in Croatia- Biokovo on the other – Makarska Riviera is the place to go if you want to enjoy the beaches and stunning views.

The long stretch of the beaches along the Makarska Riviera will satisfy even the pickiest of guests. Small pebbles, shiny sea, colourfull umbrellas, hiden bays, ice cream shops,’s all there and you just need to pick a perfect spot!



Pelješac is the second largest peninsula in Croatia located somewhere between Split and Dubrovnik. If you are planning to visit Dubrovnik, we can help you visit both places – and incorporate some delicious food and wine tours on the way. The rich soil and warm climate make sure that some amazing local produce will find its way to your table: figs, pommegranates, lemons, oranges, kiwis, almonds

Beautiful Mediterranean climate and rich soil also made Pelješac an ideal spot for the vinyards and wine making. Driving through vinyards only short distance from the Adriatic sea is one of the most picturesque drives in Croatia.

If you are a foodie, I suggest my favourite tour from Split to Pelješac that is available as a day tour and incorporates wine tasting, oyster tasting, lunch with traditional ‘peka’, boat ride and much more. You also get to visit The Great Walls of Ston, Oyster farm, three wineries and a traditional tavern. Yum!

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