What now? – What will Day Tours from Split be like after the pandemics?

If you are planning on visiting Croatia after the pandemics, you must be wondering –what will it be like? Will I be able to go on day tours I wanted to go on? How will those tours be organized? Will I be able to see all the places I wanted to see?

In all my blogs, I am always honest with you -on good and bad. So, as much as I would like to answer all your questions, the truth is – I don’t know. We don’t know.

But, we are thinking and planning, reading reports from all over the world, and talking to our partners so that we can make plans and be ready with the best options for you when the time is right.

What I do know is that we are upset and sad just as you are for your broken plans. Not only because selling day tours is our job, our income – we will all be ok in that way, one way or another.

But because we live our jobs. We love what we do. Being in this chaotic and unpredictable business for as long as we have been can only mean one thing- and that is that we love creating memorable moments for you, making your holidays unforgettable, finding the best tours, chatting with people from all over the world, enjoying their smiles when they come and thank us after an unforgettable adventure. It charges us with incredible energy and makes us work even harder to give you the best experience in Split.

This is what we will miss. This is what we are worried about – we will miss you and the madness you bring to our beautiful city every Summer.

So, keeping in touch with all our organizers, brainstorming, finding ways to do this after the pandemics is as much for us, as it is for you. We want to believe that we will see you in Split very soon.

While putting this puzzle together, we realized that we may find solutions to make this year’s holidays even better. For those who come to Split this year, this might be a unique opportunity to experience Split without the masses, without struggling to see the historical monuments between thousands of people. To visit national parks peacefully, to swim at the beaches where we haven’t been able to swim for years as they were overcrowded with motorboats. The excitement is building! This is what we have found so far:

So, what do we know?

Personal approach

The boat owners and sea tour operators will operate most of the tours themselves with the help of family members. Of course, this is not good news for all those people who were hoping to get a Summer job on the boats. However, for our guests, it means that your tours will be operated by the people who care about the tour quality and your experience the most! By the people who had the vision for this tour, created it and who will put their heart into making it great! What a unique opportunity to have this special experience!

Focus on private tours

To be able to maintain the social distance, private tours will be much more popular than the group tours. Of course, the group tours are convenient in many ways, and cheaper too. But our partners are now looking for ways to make the private tours more afordable. We are looking at different options for the lenght of the tours, the locations, the extras – so that we can make them available for as many people as possible. This might be something that you haven’t thought about before as it seemed like a ‘luxury’ – but it might be and option now.

Enjoy the nature peacefully

We’ve experienced some big crowds at Croatia’s most popular locations such as : the Blue Cave, Plitvice Lakes, Krka Waterfalls, Hvar, Vis, the Blue Lagoon…over the last few years.

Sometimes this means that you miss out on a full experience. For example, in peak season, it is impossible to swim at Stiniva beach – the beach that was named the most beautiful in Europe. Once you get there, there are so many motorboats, it is not safe to swim . You can have a look from the boat and enjoy the stunning nature, but it is not a full experience. This year might be special in that way because with fewer crowds, you’ll be able to swim in this natural phenomenon – which is only one of many you can visit on our coast in this beautiful, more natural way this year.

Stiniva, Vis

Sailing is the thing to do!

We are putting a big accent on sailing experiences this year. Sailing boats are usually a choice for nature lovers, for those who enjoy the hidden bays and the afternoon breeze on the sea. Imagine swimming in the open sea, without hundreds of boats -just you and the big blue. Croatia is blessed with stunning islands with many bays and lagoons, and this will be a unique year for seeing those just as they were meant to be.

Amazing local food & family estates

We have so many stunning tours on offer that don’t fall into ‘regular tours’ cathegory, and are not as popular because many people don’t know about those. Also, most of the people want to see specific sites and monuments that they’ve seen on leaflets and commercials for Croatia. But there is so much more.

We have amazing island safaries that include visits to olive groves, wineries, family estates, trying local dishes, experiencing traditional customs, visiting locations only known to local people – things that make Croatia what it is! It’s all about meeting the people, the authentic lifestyle, the untouched nature. We are so excited just thinking about inrouducing you to some of these places and wonderful people who work so hard and put their hearts into creating these experiences with you.

It actually doesn’t look that bad at all, doesn’t it? We are discovering and thinking of the new ideas for your day tours every day. So if you come to Split, come and visit, chat to us! In the meantime, follow us because we will be sharing all our knowledge with you. And remember – travel safely when the time comes!

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