The Ultimate Guide for TOP 10 Day Tours from Split

Choosing the right day tour in Split is a tough call. It’s not only about making sure you use your limited time to see the most magnificent sights, but you also don’t want to worry about your safety. As fellow travelers, we get you! This is why we’ve spent years testing different tours with the mission to find the best tours in Split guaranteed to give you value for your money and make your holiday the one to remember – for good reasons.

Why you should trust us

Our advantage is that we can be completely impartial in the choice of the tours we will suggest to you, as we do not organize our own tours and have the same benefit regardless of which tour you pick.

The two factors we take into consideration upon choosing the tours for you are: our past guest’s feedback and our own experience (we tried every tour).

At our central Riva location, we have spoken with over 50.000 guests whose feedback we take very seriously. On top of this, we test all the tours ourselves as secret shoppers, to get the ‘first hand’ knowledge.

To create this guide, we considered all the elements of each tour, giving you the ultimate guide that is transparent and shows all the aspects of each tour: both positive and negative, so you can confidently make the decision on which tour is the best for you.

How we did it

We tested more than 50 sea, nature, and adventure tours from Split. We went on tours with different organizers in our mission to find the best ones of each! We were looking for the best boats, busses, personnel, food, service, locations, adventures, the most flexible organizers in case you need to change your arrangements…we judged everything – and we are finally ready to present you our top picks.

After trying over 50 sea, nature and adventure tours, here are our picks for Top 10 Day Tours from Split that you can’t go wrong with:

1. Krka Waterfalls

Krka Waterfalls is the most popular tour from Split. Consequently, there are so many companies organizing this tour – it took us the longest to find the perfect one. For someone without the ‘inside’ knowledge, they all pretty much look the same – but this could not be further from the truth. Keep reading.

Why this tour

Do this tour if you crave to spend some time on your holiday being one with nature. Crystal water, massive waterfalls, unique species of flora and fauna, and endless walking paths surrounded by all shades of green are a perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation you need. To have the best possible experience at the Krka Waterfalls tour, you need to pay attention to some important details that will make a huge difference to your day. Here is why we think this is the best Krka tour from Split:

Why we chose this tour/highlights

  • The drive from Split to Krka Waterfalls is an important part of the tour. You will pass near some amazing landmarks, coastal towns and ancient ruins on your way to NP Krka, and you want to make sure you have a guide on the bus telling you all about it! Check!

  • Skip the lines. Once there, you will be keen to get into the park as soon as possible. With many other tours, you only get a bus transfer, so you need to line up and buy individual, more expensive tickets. With this one, your tickets are pre-booked, cheaper for the group, and handed to you on the bus (you just give the cash to the guide).

  • The panoramic riverboat ride is spectacular! Instead of going to one of the busy bus entries like most of the other tours, you will go to the small river town Skradin, and get on the beautiful riverboat for a 20 minutes panoramic ride to NP Krka entry.

  • Krka has an exciting history! If you use electricity, Krka played a part in your life too. You can find out more at the one hour guided tour that comes with this package. The guide is friendly, funny, and tells you just enough interesting information.

  • Tailor your day as you wish. You can choose how you want to spend your day. You can visit the beautiful Skradin town known for its superb seafood, lovely streets and cafes (boat ticket is already included in this tour). You can choose to skip the walking tour if you wish to have more time for swimming. The guides are friendly and will help you with all your decisions and timing.

  • Share your experience straight away! The buses are wi-fi equipped so you can post the stories and photos of you having a great time!

  • Cheaper tour does not mean a better deal! Don’t fall for the tricks. The price consists of two parts: tour price and entry tickets. On this tour, we got group discounts and, although we paid 20 Kuna more to start with, it was cheaper overall!

Timing & Tour Schedule

The bus ride is not too long – only 1.5 hours each way. The tour leaves at 8 am from Split. You will have around 5 hours to visit Skradin and NP Krka and will be back in Split around 5.30 pm. So, you can plan other activities or a visit to the beach in the evening, which is excellent if you have limited time in Split.


We found this tour to be quite generous: besides the quality wi-fi equipped bus transfer, the tour includes a panoramic boat ride, a guided tour (including the commentary on the bus), and a bottle of water at the end of the tour when you need it most.


High quality air-conditioned bus + riverboat

Who is this tour for

This tour is suited for most people: whether you are a family with children, young people looking for a fun day, or elderly – you will enjoy this tour. There are endless walking paths, shaded areas, swimming points: shallow water or near the massive waterfalls, restaurants and cafes and you have freedom to spend the day as active as you wish.

Questions & complaints

  • Can I swim near the waterfalls? This is your last opportunity! From January 2021, swimming near the waterfalls will be banned to conserve resources and the richness of biodiversity within the park  – as the park authorities announced.

  • Overcrowded! Regulations have been introduced to limit the number of people per day, but expect lots of people, especially July and August.

  • We don’t want the guided tour! A guided tour is an extra gift for you, but you can skip it if you wish. Take our word: it will surprise you -most of the people thought it was the best part of the day in the end.

  • Food and drinks are expensive at the park. You can bring your own picnic. You are allowed to carry food and drinks on this tour.

We recommend

  • Take a picnic: take some food and lots of water
  • Prepare cash for entry tickets to give to the guide
  • Bring a change of clothes, towel, swimsuit, sunscreen
  • Bring mosquito repellant

2. The Blue Cave

Blue Cave tour is the most comprehensive island tour from Split. Not only you get to go inside the Blue Cave and experience its magical deep blue glow, but you also get to visit the most remarkable Croatian islands, secluded bays and small towns – all in one day. This said, the only way to do this tour from Split as a day tour is – by speedboat.

Why this tour

If you are keen to see as many beaches, bays and islands as you can, and meet the Croatian coast to the point that you’ve seen more than most of the locals – do the Blue Cave tour. Most of the Blue Cave trips use the same boats and do similar routes, but the service and professionalism of staff make a huge difference in this fast-moving tour, and we’ve found the winner. 

Why we chose this tour/highlights

  • No getting lost in the morning! 76 speedboats are departing for the Blue Cave every morning at the same time from Split – it can get very confusing! On this tour, the lovely guide will pick you up in front of the Riva Travel agency on the Riva esplanade, and walk with you to your boat to make sure you get on the right boat and you don’t get lost. Huge thumbs up for this!

  • The tour schedule is on the spot! Although most BC tours have similar programs, they vary slightly. We found this tour to be ideal because the time between the Pakleni Islands and Hvar is split to 1.5 hours each, which is just right.

  • They know what to do when the weather is playing up. It can be tricky to get in the Blue Cave on windy days and sometimes you have to wait. The skippers are so good on this tour – they will take you to other bays and secluded beaches for swimming until you can get in the Blue Cave. So, no time wasted!

  • The extras! Wind and waterproof jackets they offer on the boat saved us in the morning as it can be a bit cool even in Summer. We were also offered water and snorkeling equipment.

Timing & Tour Schedule

The tour leaves from Split early, so you avoid long waits at the Blue Cave. It’s a whole day tour, and you will be back in Split around 7 pm. Don’t make ambitious plans afterward, as you will be tired.

The schedule of this particular tour impressed us: Blue Cave is first (same with all tours), but then you stay on Biševo island for a swim at the secluded Porat beach and a possible dive into the shimmery Silver Cave. Vis island is next. You visit Stiniva beach- voted the best in Europe. This place is always crowded with boats, and you don’t want to swim between the propellers. Our skipper really showed some common sense here. He took us to see the beach, we had a look, took some photos and then went to the secluded bay around the corner for a swim. After this, swimming and snorkeling in the open sea of Budikovac and Ravnik islands, Pakleni Islands (they will suggest a place where you can buy lunch here if you wish, and there is a beach bar), and for the end -famous Hvar Town.

You see so much beauty on this tour,it takes days to comprehend and go through the photos afterward.


This Blue Cave tour includes entry tickets for the Blue Cave (there are some tours where you need to pay the entry ticket separately – it costs around 14 €), speedboat ride, skipper, hostess, and snorkeling equipment. You will also get a bottle of water and waterproof jackets to use.

Food is not included in any of the regular Blue Cave tours (there are some exclusive tours with lunch, but those are in a different category). The boat staff will suggest where you can eat, and most of the time you will get a little discount for the group. You are also welcome to take your own picnic for the trip (which we strongly suggest).


This tour is operated on the speedboat. If you book early and ask when making a booking, you can get a spot on the covered boat for this tour.

Who is this tour for

Being a speedboat tour, this tour is not suited for people with back problems, pregnant women and children under 8 years of age. If you get seasick, the staff on the boat can help you with nausea pills. They work well, so don’t let this stop you from going. Be mindful if you have sun allergies or sensitive skin: even on the covered boats you get some sun exposure and you are in the open all day.

Questions & complaints

  • We didn’t get to see the cave! Yes, this can happen. Luckily, very rarely! The entry to the cave is narrow and if it is windy, it is not possible to go in. The skippers are in contact with the cave authorities before the departure, and if they know the cave would be closed – you will be informed and you can cancel and get your money back. Unfortunately, sometimes the weather changes on your way there and there is nothing the skipper can do. In this case, he will take you to some other lovely locations and you will get a refund for the Blue Cave portion of the trip.

  • We wanted to swim at Stiniva beach! Your safety is a priority. Popular locations can be overcrowded in peak season. When the sea is full of speedboat propellers, we were happy our skipper was determined for us to swim around the corner on an amazing secluded beach.

  • The speedboat was uncomfortable. They are not leisure boats, so don’t expect a relaxing ride. They go fast, the water is splashing and there are some bumpy waves -but the view is breathtaking and it is so much fun! (Their oldest passenger was 75 and she loved it).

  • We didn’t get the masks /water. There are always enough on the boat. Sometimes it is busy and loud, and you may not hear the hostess offering some. If you wish to have one, all you need to do is ask.

  • Can we just go to the Blue Cave without island hopping? Not on group tours. However, you can do a private tour to do this. The price will be the same whether you do island hopping or not, as the Blue Cave is the furthest of all – so you might as well stop in one of the gorgeous islands on your way back.

We recommend

  • Take sunscreen, hat and light long sleeves with you
  • Bring a snack and pack your lunch (you can buy yummy food at Pakleni Islands or in Hvar, but it is pricey)
  • Drink lots of water
  • Charge you phone -you will be taking photos all day

3. Plitvice Lakes

The exceptional natural beauty of 16 lakes connected by massive waterfalls at one of the most magnificent natural parks in Europe puts Plitvice Lakes on most of the traveler’s ‘to do’ lists. We’re not surprised, as many people say that this is the most stunning natural park they have ever seen.

Why this tour?

If you are really passionate about nature and/or photography, don’t leave Split without doing the Plitvice Lakes tour. There are magnificent views behind every corner you turn, the water is clear and colors beyond wonderful. The bus travel from Split to Plitvice Lakes is quite long, so we focused on finding the most comfortable buses and, of course, the best guides to find our best pick for this tour.

Why we chose this tour/highlights

  • The bus ride is comfortable. The journey is about 3.5 hours long. You will be happy to travel in a modern air-conditioned bus and have a little break to stretch your legs and have a snack.

  • The guides are fantastic! The guides on this tour are really passionate about sharing their knowledge. Not only you get a great tour of Plitvice lakes, but you also get commentary on the bus, so you know what places you are passing by on your way there.

  • Skip the lines! After a long ride from Split to Plitvice Lakes, you want to get in the park as soon as possible. Your tickets will be pre-booked and you get priority entry, so no wait for you. This is not the case with all the tours -some just drop you off and you need to buy the tickets yourself.

  • Save money. The price of entry tickets varies significantly at different parts of the season. By separating the ticket price, you pay less in pre and post season. You also get a group discount because the company pre-books for the whole bus. Double score!

  • Headphones. You will get a set of headphones so you can have more freedom in your walking pace, without worrying that you will miss out on hearing your guide.

Timing and Tour Schedule

This is a 12-hour tour, starting at 8 am. Plitvice Lakes are a bit further away from Split-about 3.5 hours each way by bus. You will have a little break on your way there and back, so you can stretch your legs. We appreciated this, because it made the travel more comfortable. Once there, you will be accompanied by your guide for the whole time in the park. You will visit upper and lower lakes – and get a thorough tour of the park.


Besides the bus ride in a comfortable air-conditioned bus and a lovely guide, you will also get headphones on this tour.

The tickets are not included in the price, which is a common practice – but this company pre-books your tickets and all you need to do is give cash to the guide on the bus to get the tickets and the priority entry. We give major winner points for this!

Food is not included simply because there is no time. However, there are restaurants there and you are allowed to take your own food (which we recommend).


You will travel on a modern bus on this tour. Train and electric boat ride in the Park are a part of the tour and are included in the price.

Who is this tour for

You will be doing lots of walking, and the walking paths can be a bit tricky at some parts. If this is a big concern, NP Krka may be a better option.

You can visit Plitvice with small children, but we recommend a baby carrier rather than a pram. (We don’t want to say it’s impossible to do Plitvice with a pram, but you would have trouble).

People with disabilities can visit Plitvice, but some parts of the park will be inaccessible. We recommend a private tour rather than this one so you can tailor the tour suited to your needs.

Questions & complaints

  • The bus ride is too long. Unfortunately, it does take about 3.5 hours to get to Plitvice from Split, and this is the reason we choose this exact tour with clean, comfortable buses, and interactive guides who will tell you about the scenery, and make the trip seem shorter. Once you get to Plitvice, you will be smitten by the beauty, and you will forget all about the ride! We suggest to packs some books, listen to music, enjoy the view…

  • I did not get the headphones I was promised! We asked a guide about this one and he said they don’t use the headphones when the weather is wet.

  • The walking path was slippery. If the weather is wet, it can get a bit slippery. This is why good walking shoes are so important.

  • Can I swim at Plitvice Lakes? Unfortunately, no. Swimming is not allowed because it is not safe

  • Can I buy food in the park? Yes, you can buy the food and drinks in the park, but it is pricey. We suggest taking your food and drinks in a backpack.

We recommend

  • Wear comfortable clothes, walking shoes and take a light jacket
  • Use sun protection & take mosquito repellent with you if you are bothered by them
  • Pack some snacks and lots of water
  • Charge your phone as the photo opportunities are endless
  • Stick with the group and follow the instructions

4. The Blue Lagoon

This is a ‘must-do’ tour from Split. It’s been called ‘The 3 Islands Tour’, ‘The Fish Picnic Tour’ or, simply, ‘The Blue Lagoon Tour’ and it is the ultimate Mediterranean feel tour where you get to swim, snorkel, dive off the boat, have a drink at the relaxed beach café, and a have a simple lunch under the pine trees.

You don’t go too far, and therefore you spend less time on the boat and more time swimming on this tour, and you visit the most remarkable locations in close vicinity to Split.

Why this tour?

So many reasons. Because this is what you came to Croatia for! With short travel on a comfortable leisure boat, you get to experience the famous Blue Lagoon, and a few islands close to Split. It is a proper Summer day on the Adriatic as it should be! Untouched nature, beautiful beaches, simple grilled lunch on the boat…If you came to Croatia because you want to experience our Summer, this is it.

Why we chose this tour/highlights

  • Relaxing just as you should on the Croatian coast. Yes, you don’t go as far, and you don’t see as many places as on some other tours. But you see the places just as beautiful and beaches just as attractive, without spending all that time on the boat.

  • Great value! You get lunch and unlimited water, juice and red wine all day for a fantastic price. Lunch is not gourmet, but it is a simple meal of fish, chicken or vegetables (you can choose when making a booking) on a beautiful wooden boat with crickets chirping above you. First-class if you ask us!

  • It’s great for families! You can take your children safely on this trip. They will have plenty of fun. It is a big boat, so the ride is more comfortable for little ones. And there are toilets on the boat.

  • The staff is friendly. The guide on the boat keeps you updated, so you know where you are and how long you are stopping for.

  • The locations you visit are magnificent! You may not see some famous island names on the route for this trip-but don’t worry, the places you will go to are equally stunning!

  • You get to sleep in! The afternoon tour starts at 1.30 pm so you get to sleep in

Timing and Tour Schedule

The morning tour starts at 8:30 am and finishes at 2.30 pm. You will be back in Split early enough so you can plan another activity in the evening. If you want to sleep in, afternoon tour starts at 1.30 pm and finishes at 7.30 pm.

You will visit Čiovo peninsula, island Šolta and the famous Blue Lagoon on this tour! Lunch will be served on the boat around noon.


If you want to get the best value sea tour – this is the one. As well as the relaxing sail on the Mediterranean style wooden boat, you get lunch, unlimited drinks all day, a visit to three beautiful locations and snorkeling equipment.

Lunch is a simple meal of fish (with bones), chicken breast or vegetable grilled outdoors on the boat, with some salad on the side. Most of the other sea tours don’t include any food or drinks (besides water), so we thought this was great!


Beautiful wooden boat with upper and lower deck, chairs and tables, two toilets and a bar where you can get a free juice or wine or buy other drinks and snacks if you wish.

Who is this tour for

This tour is suited for most people. The boat is easy to get on and off – so it is excellent for families with children and the elderly. It is also great fun for young people, as you get to dive off the boat in the Blue Lagoon from the upper deck and visit some great beach bars. Those who are not very comfortable with boats can relax, as it is a big boat and you won’t have a bumpy and splashy ride like on the speedboats. As we said above-the tour suits almost everyone!

Questions & complaints

  • The lunch was too light! Yes, it is a simple lunch. However, very tasty and more than generous for the price of this trip. Fresh fish or chicken prepared on the barbecue and a nice salad and a side dish is a lovely Summer lunch. You are allowed to take your own food with you-so feel free to pack snacks and sandwiches. You can also buy food in Maslinica (the prices are the same as in Split).

  • The toilets were small. True, it is not a luxury cruise ship, but the toilets are clean and functional.

  • The only way to get in the sea in the Blue Lagoon is to dive off the boat. Yes. The only way to avoid this is to go with a small speedboat. Bigger boats need to anchor in the lagoon. There are stairs you can use to go into the sea. Or you can just stay on the boat and enjoy the gorgeous view as this part of the trip is only about ½ hour long.

  • Are there vegetarian options? Yes, you can get a veggie risotto or grilled vegetables for lunch, depending on the day.

  • Chicken or fish menu? We prefer fish. Chicken breast is always a bit dry of the grill, and the fish was juicy and tasty! It does come with the bones, but it is easy to clean. Don’t forget to dip your bread in some home-made olive oil! Delicious!

We recommend

  • Don’t sleep in too long as getting in the city is a bit of a challenge in Summer and you don’t want to be late
  • Pack some snacks and a good book for the boat trip. We played card games during travel and had lots of fun.
  • Pack a change of clothes as the boat gets a bit wet, and walk carefully on the boat, so you don’t slip

5. Cetina Rafting

Rafting on Cetina River surely falls into the top 3 adventure tours near Split! Cetina River canyon impresses with the beauty of its blue and green shades, towering mountains above, and bright blue sky on most days! It is the place where you feel one with nature – and a source of so many fun activities!

Why this tour

If you are looking to find the inner peace in the most beautiful natural setting, and get your adrenaline going at the same time, this is the tour for you. Whether you are new to rafting and want to challenge yourself or you are a pro – you will find what you are looking for. This tour has two options: regular and extreme. Big smiles, recharged body and lungs filled with thin fresh air guaranteed after the tour! A regular option is also suitable for kids! There are many rafting tours on Cetina River. We chose this one because of the level of professionalism and safety, and also the fun element – such an impressive team of guides!

Why we chose this tour/highlights

  • The organization is spot on! There are more lost tourists in Split looking for rafting meeting points in the mornings, than for any other tours! With this one-you are safe, because you know exactly where you need to be and you will be welcomed by a friendly guide wearing an easily recognizable t-shirt. Easy! From then on, you will feel informed, safe and looked after.

  • The transport is about 40 minutes to get to the Cetina River from Split – and you will be in a clean, air-conditioned van with a professional driver.

  • The scenery is impressive. This applies to all the rafting tours on Cetina. However, what we loved about this one is that it starts at Blato on Cetina above Omiš, which means you get to experience the most beautiful parts of the canyon.

  • The guides were so much fun. If you feel a bit intimidated because you’ve never done rafting, don’t worry! These guides will help you, guide you and make you feel completely safe.

  • Full equipment is included. You will not need to bring anything (except for some snacks and water). Everything you need for rafting is included, even water shoes.

  • Double fun: it’s a half-day tour and you can choose to do Zip Line over the Cetina River in the same afternoon, or do some Omiš sightseeing.

Timing and Tour Schedule

The tour starts at 8:45 am from the Riva Esplanade in Split, and you will be back to Split by 2:30 pm (unless you want to stay in Omiš and do a bit of sightseeing, or Zip Line). The transfer is about 40 minutes to Blato on Cetina, and you will enjoy the full 3 hours of Rafting.


The transport in a new air-conditioned van, full rafting equipment including water shoes and a professional guide is a part of the deal!


The transport is included both ways, and you will be enjoying a new air-conditioned and wi-fi equipped van.

Who is this tour for

For all those looking for great adventure and fun! There is a family option suited for children and an extreme option for those wanting more thrill! There is something special about being on the river on a hot Summer day and splash in the cool, clear water.

Questions & complaints

  • The drive was longer than we expected. Unfortunately, sometimes the traffic gets congested, and the drive can be a bit longer than anticipated. One of the benefits of this tour is that it goes to Blato on Cetina, and thus avoids traffic congestions most of the times

  • Can we take the children? Yes, and it’s great fun for them! Keep in mind that the minimum age is 6 years.

  • Can I go rafting if I am not a swimmer? Yes, you will wear the safety jacket and the guides will help you with instructions. It is essential that you let the guide know you are a non-swimmer so they can be aware (best let the agents know upon booking).
  • Where can I change my clothes? The changing rooms are secured so you can change comfortably.

  • Can I leave my valuables somewhere? Yes, you can leave your valuables in the van. We suggest – take only what you need.

  • How many people in one boat? Maximum 3 on this tour.

  • Does the tour go if it rains? Yes, unless there is a storm and you would not be able to enjoy the day-in this case, it will be canceled.

  • Are water shoes included? Yes! You get everything you need for rafting on this tour.

We recommend

  • Pack some snacks & water
  • Wear your bathing suit (you will wear it under the wet suit)
  • Take spare clothes (you will be cold in the air-conditioned van if you are wearing wet clothing, even on a hot day)
  • Listen to the guide’s instructions carefully

6. Split Sea Kayaking

You are in Split, and you love the buzz on the esplanade, colorful cafes, beaches and the city’s summer vibe. You want to see beautiful natural locations, have some adventure and be active, but you don’t feel like driving out of Split to do a tour. Split Sea Kayaking offers precisely this: the tour starts and ends on the Split esplanade, and you paddle alongside magnificent cliffs off Marjan Hill.

Why this tour

If you want to be active on your holiday, but you don’t want to go out of Split and waste time on transfers– Split Kayaking tour is for you. If you stand on the Split Riva promenade right in the Old Town and face west -you will be looking at Marjan Hill. The kayaking tour will take you around this hill, so that you can enjoy the cliffs, the beaches, and for the grand finale: the view of Split from the sea. You get to kayak, swim, snorkel, and even try cliff jumping (if you wish) on this tour!

Why we chose this tour/highlights

  • Easy pick-up! You get picked up on the Riva promenade, and they will drop you back there at the end. It takes it easier for you, and you can continue enjoying Split after the tour.

  • Activities. You don’t just kayak on this tour. You also stop for swimming, snorkeling, and even cliff jumping if you wish.

  • Wet bags for your valuables are included

  • Snorkeling equipment is included so you can take a look at the Croatian sea bottom and possibly some friendly sea creatures

  • Guides know what they are doing. We can spot a good guide within the first 5 minutes of the tour. We love to feel confident that the guides know what they’re doing. Not only you feel safe, but they show you the best views and swimming spots, so you get the most of your tour.

  • The sunset option is so lovely. The water is calm, the day is at its end, and Split seems magical from the sea. Our top pick!

Timing and Tour Schedule

There are two options for this tour: early (but not too early) morning at 9 am, and sunset tour at 3 pm. You will spend 3 hours on the sea kayaking around Marjan Hill in Split.

Inclusions & Transport

Transfer by car or van (depending on how many happy kayakers there are on the day), guide and kayaking and snorkeling equipment are included.

Who is this tour for

This tour is for those who crave some physical activity while staying in beautiful Split, but don’t want to go far or take bus tours. Quite a bit of pedaling is included in this tour, so you need to be prepared for a good workout. Those with sun allergies need to be careful as you spend a full 3 hours in the sun. The tour is not for those who want to relax and do nothing.

Questions & complaints

  • We had to help carry the kayaks! The guide is one, and there are 8 kayaks to carry on most days – so the guide will ask you to help carry the kayaks so you don’t spend most of the day waiting. They’re not heavy, it’s not a long way and it’s fun to be a helper! (You don’t have to if you don’t want to)

  • Can I take my valuables? Yes, there is a place where you can store your things, and you get a protective bag for your phone.

  • Do we need to pedal for the whole 3 hours? No – you will stop for a swim, snorkel, and try cliff jumping on a beautiful beach on Marjan Hill.

  • Is there a place where I can change? There are cabins on Marjan Hill where you can change.

  • Can we take a shower somewhere? Unfortunately, there is no shower available when you finish the tour.

We recommend

  • Make sure you put on plenty of sunscreen and if you have sensitive skin, wear long sleeves
  • Don’t forget your water bottle -pedaling is exhausting and you are in the sun the whole time
  • Ask your guide to take some photos – red and yellow kayaks against the blue sea are very photogenic and you will have plenty of Instagram material
  • You need to have a basic level of fitness as there is lots of pedaling, especially on a windy day

7. Hvar & Pakleni Islands on Summer Blues

The splendid Summer Blues mega catamaran is one of the most beautiful boats you will see sailing out of Split every morning, and it definitely deserves a spot in the Top 10 best tours from Split. The sailing on this beautiful boat is an experience in itself, plus the tour goes to the most beautiful locations on the Croatian coast.

Why this tour?

If you want to have an enjoyable day that combines sailing experience on a mega catamaran, multiple swim stops, discovering Croatian islands and relaxing on see-through sunbathing nets, with music on and lots of people having fun -this is the tour for you! It’s a dynamic but relaxing tour.

Why we chose this tour/highlights

  • Unique boat. This is the boat we dream of when we think-sea holiday! You can imagine yourself on it the moment you see it. Big sails, lots of space, music, food & drinks, nets that you can sunbathe on so you can feel as if you’re floating above the blue sea. Plus, all the facilities are there for a comfortable day.

  • The choice of swim stops. You stop in the secluded bays where you swim in the cleanest, untouched sea, far away from the crowds, and you stop in the busy Hvar town for some fun and Summer buzz. Perfect balance.

  • The full package. Most of the sea tours do not offer food or drinks (except water), so it was great to discover that you get 3 meals on this tour, plus unlimited soft drinks, wine and beer. WOW!

  • Top island locations: you will visit Hvar Town and Pakleni Islands, which are top locations on most of people’s ‘to see’ lists

  • Guided tour of Hvar town: a short and informative tour – a great addition to the day

  • Fun factor! This is a fun tour! It is relaxing, and the views are amazing, but above all, it is a tour where you will meet people and have a fun day!

Timing and Tour Schedule

The tours on this boat leaves at 9 am – you don’t need to wake up too early. It is a whole day tour, and you are back in Split around 7:30 pm.

The remarkable stops on this tour are: the hidden bay on the island Šolta (swim stop plus breakfast), Hvar town (short guided tour included), Pakleni Islands (swim stop, lunch and beach bar), and the hidden bay on Brač island (swim stop and afternoon tea).


Where do we start: you get all-inclusive drinks (beer, red and white wine, water, soft drinks, coffee), food menu (sandwich, a pre-packed chicken salad, cakes, and fruit), 8 hours catamaran tour, professional guided tour of Hvar town, 3 swim breaks, music and free wi-fi onboard.


Mega sailing catamaran – one of its kind in Split

Who is this tour for

This tour is suitable for all ages and groups. However, from our experience, we suggest that you do this tour if you want to have a fun day with the opportunity to interact with other people.

The boat is comfortable, it is easy to get on and off, it has toilets, tables & chairs and it is ok for families with children (even with a pram), and for older people. But keep in mind that 70 people is the number of people on the boat (maximum capacity, but in the peak season it is almost always full), and with the free drinks available all day it can become a bit of a party boat (not always, but it can happen). So, it may not be the best option for you if you want to relax peacefully, or if you are traveling with small children.

Questions and complaints

  • Some people were partying on the boat. It can happen. It is a fun tour, with free drinks, and if you get a group of young people, they may be a bit louder. Usually, it is not a problem as the boat is big, and you spend a lot of the time at the swimming stops, but it is something you have to take into consideration.

  • The food was pre-packed. True. The food is not freshly made, it is a pre-packed sandwich for breakfast and chicken salad for lunch – but we thought it was tasty. Of course, you can take your food with you on this tour, and buy food in Hvar town.

  • Do I have to jump off the boat to swim? No. There are stairs, and you can get in the sea easily.

  • Can I relax on the nets during sailing? No, you can only use them when the boat is stationary, but that is a good portion of the day. There is lots of space on the nets.

  • I don’t want a guided tour in Hvar. You can skip it if you wish.

  • Can I swim in Hvar Town? Yes, there are beaches only a short walk from the center where you will be dropped off

We recommend

  • Take change of clothes and long sleeves (it can get cool on your way back)
  • Walk slowly and take care as the boat can get slippery
  • If the wind picks up and you find you get seasick – ask the crew for the nausea pill, it helps instantaneously
  • Try lavender ice cream in Hvar. It’s delicious

8. Bol & Golden Horn Beach on Polaris

The tour on the Polaris boat is an experience that you will want to repeat. It is the only tour where we met people going on the same tour twice during their holiday. We get why this is so. This family-owned boat with a rich history is the most immaculate we’ve been on out of all the tours in Split. You can feel the love, the passion, and the professionalism of the crew (mostly family members) in all aspects of this trip.

Why this tour?

Go on this tour if you wish to spend a lovely day with family or friends, eat a freshly prepared dish, be served refreshing drinks, and enjoy the beautiful panoramic boat ride with the choice of the sunny upper deck or cool lower deck.

This tour is for you if want to relax and rather visit one popular destination on the Croatian coast then rushing to see as many places as possible in one day. You will still enjoy the panoramic view of other islands and bays while sipping a cold drink and relaxing on the boat.

This is the ideal tour from Split if you are traveling with children.

Why we chose this tour/highlights

  • Everything! The boat, the crew, the food, the drinks, the beautiful Golden cape – we could not find anything that was not perfect on this tour.

  • Delicious freshly prepared meal. It is freshly prepared on the boat and served nicely on the tables in the main cabin, which is a rarity on any boat day tours. You choose fish (tuna steak), meat (chicken), or veggies. There are a side dish and some cakes. You will also get croissant in the morning, coffee all day, and unlimited drinks.

  • Comfort: sunbathe on the upper deck, sit in the shade on the lower deck, or sit inside and read the book. Clean and big toilets are available, where you can also change comfortably. Food and drinks are available all day.

  • Ideal for children. Children can run around, sleep inside (it’s perfect even for babies), eat, play…and you can relax and have a great day too!

  • Golden cape beach: one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia and the world. Must see when you are in Split.

Timing and Tour Schedule

The tour departs at 9:30 am and you are back at 7:30 pm. A full day of fun!

You have 2 hours of panoramic boat ride each way, and 6 hours in Bol on the island Brač (home of the Golden Cape Beach). When you arrive in Bol, you can walk to Golden Cape (takes about 20 minutes), or you can take a fun tourist train. Your meal will be served around 4:30 pm when you return to the boat.


Panoramic boat cruise, 5-6 hours in Bol on the island Brač & the Golden Cape beach, croissant and coffee/tea in the morning, afternoon lunch freshly prepared on the boat (grilled fish, meat or veggies with salad and dessert), open bar (free soft drinks, beer, local wine).


Polaris boat – a lovely boat with a rich history, brought to Croatia from the USA and reconstructed to a beautiful yacht ideal for day trips (you can read about its history on the posters on board – it’s interesting).

Who is this tour for

This tour is suitable for all ages and all groups of people, and it is ideal for families with children (there was a mixture of families and young people on the day we went, and we all blended perfectly). Everyone can find a fitting spot on this big boat – you can sit upstairs, get some sun rays, sip a drink, listen to the music. You can relax on the lower deck in the shade where you can read the book and relax the quiet atmosphere. Or you can sit inside with your baby.

Questions and complaints

  • Will it be crowded on the boat? The boat capacity is 140 people, and they take a maximum of 70. So, it will never be crowded (get there a bit earlier in the morning and secure the exact spot you want).

  • Can I choose my meal? Yes, you chose when you book. There are 3 choices: fish (tuna steak), meat (chicken) or veggies – all freshly of the grill (the boat has a big kitchen).

  • Do they have other drinks? Yes, you can buy drinks and snacks on the bar if you wish something other than soft drinks, wine and beer that are included in the price.

  • How long is the walk from Bol center to the Golden Cape? About 20 minutes (but little tourist train is available too).

  • Can I buy food there? Yes, Bol is an island town with shops, cafes, restaurants…

  • Can I see other things except for the Golden Cape? There are several churches you can visit, the local market, the gallery, the spa centers and other interesting localities you can visit, if you think 5 hours is too long at the Golden Cape beach.

We recommend

  • As for any other boat trip, take your sun protection with you
  • Prepare towels, change of clothes, and light long sleeves
  • You get plenty of food on tour– but we packed fruit and sweets and we were happy we did (you can also buy in Bol)
  • Get a password for the free wi-fi and share your fun day with your family and friends
  • Learn about the history of Polaris (there are posters with pictures and info inside), and you will feel even more special being on this magnificent boat

9. Split Sightseeing

Learning the history of the places we visit is an essential part of traveling. Split history is so impressive that even if you are not a big fan of the walking tours, you will enjoy hearing the stories for sure. The city evolved around 1.700 years old palace built by Roman Emperor Diocletian. The maze of streets, cafes and shops of the Old Town used to be a part of his magnificent residence.

Why this tour?

Do this tour to get a feel of the city and learn about the impressive historical sights you see around you. You will find hundreds of guides in Split who do the tours of the Old Town. When we were looking for an excellent tour – we wanted a guide who will tell us enough information, but who will also share the ‘gossip’ and the fun history facts about past and present residents of Split. We also loved having the choice: there is a 1-hour and a 2-hour tour.

Why we chose this tour/highlights

  • Tailor as you wish! You are given a choice to do a shorter tour where you go through the Diocletian’s palace, or the longer tour that also incorporates some other parts of the Old Town.

  • Number 1 on Trip Advisor. We are happy to confirm that the title is well deserved.

  • Best guides in Split. Knowledgeable, interesting, funny, experienced and flexible! The tour justified the title of No 1 Split walking tour on Trip Advisor!

  • Easy to find meeting point. There is nothing worse than getting lost on a hot Summer day in a crowded city, trying to find your guide in the sea of walking tours. You will not have to worry about that. Your guide will be on an easily accessible spot holding a blue umbrella so you can see them from far away.

  • Keeping it interesting: the guides will tell you all the historical facts, without making it look like you’ve enrolled for a history class. You will hear the stories, the gossip and the fun facts about the charismatic character of the emperor Diocletian. We learned some things that not even us knew, and we are locals.

  • Small groups. One group is 20 people max., which is perfect. You get time to ask some questions if you wish.

  • Pick a language! Although regular tours are all in English or Spanish, you can pick a tour in any other language and it will be organized as a private tour just for you.

  • You can change your mind. You book the 1-hour tour thinking it would be enough, but you change your mind during the tour,and you want to do the extended tour. Not a problem -tell it to your guide and you can continue at the longer tour (and pay the difference to the guide later).

  • Hungry? No problem! You can combine your walking tour with a food & wine tour in Split and get a meal prepared especially for you (you can pick your own ingredients at the green and fish markets during your tour, and the chef will prepare them for you).

Timing and Tour Schedule

The English tours are available throughout the whole day, morning and afternoon. The Spanish tour is available twice per day at 11 am and 1 pm. Other languages are available on request.


The tour includes a guided tour with a licensed guide. During the tour you will not go into museums, and other localities and hence the tickets for those are not included in the tour price. If you wish to visit some of the localities later, ask the guide on how you can get the tickets and they will be happy to help.

Who is this tour for

This tour is for anyone wanting to learn some exciting history facts of Split, emperor Diocletian and his residence – Diocletian’s Palace that is now the Old Town of Split. If you want to know more, the 2-hour tour is for you. If you wish to see the Palace only and don’t feel like walking for too long -there is a 1-hour tour available. There are tours in the morning and the afternoon, so you can tailor your day as you wish.

Questions and complaints

  • Will I get headphones? Not on this tour as the maximum is 20 people, so you don’t need them.

  • I didn’t have enough time for all my questions. Although the groups are small and you will have time for questions -there will be no time for long discussions as it is a group tour after all. Private tours are available if you wish to have a one on one chat with the guide.

  • What if it rains? This tour goes rain or shine – so you don’t have to worry about missing out if you are in Split for a short time. If you prefer to go on a sunny day-you can reschedule.

  • Can I do the tour with the pram? If you have a small pram that you can fold easily, then yes-but it will be a bit of a hassle for you. We believe the private tour is better if you have a pram, or use a baby carrier.

We recommend

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Don’t forget the water bottle (you can buy it on your way to the meeting point as there are plenty of shops around)
  • Sun protection and a hat is a must if you are sun-sensitive

10. Split Day Sailing

For most people, when they hear Croatia, they think – sailing! Many people believe sailing is out of their range either due to lack of time, or because they think it’s too pricey. However, sailing is available as a day tour – and even as a half-day tour from Split. So, if sailing is something you want to experience, read on.

Why this tour?

If you want to experience proper Croatian sailing and you don’t have multiple days to do this, you can do a one-day sailing tour. There is nothing better than sailing to make you feel relaxed: the calming sound of sails, the wind and the breathtaking scenery of sparkly blue sea, Croatian islands and hidden bays you can only approach by boat. Do sailing if you like the unpredictable – calming and exciting at the same time. One day sailing tour is not as easy to find as other boat tours, but we did find one we entirely enjoyed.

Why we chose this tour/highlights

  • Professional crew. Sailing is something you need to know and live, and having a great skipper means not only you will be safe, but also you will be taken to the best locations and swimming stops considering the weather conditions on the day.

  • Getting the most of your day. In one day, you will visit two islands, stop at the few swimming stops, and have a lovely lunch at the seaside restaurant or on the boat itself.

  • Delicious local food: you will be served tasty Dalmatian prosciutto and cheese, and white wine on the boat, and lunch is also included.

  • Enjoy the peace. A maximum of10 people on the boat makes it ideal if you wish some peace and relaxation.

Timing and Tour Schedule

The full-day sailing tour starts at 10 am, so you get a good sleep in. You will be back in Split at 5 pm.

Sailing is unpredictable due to wind and weather conditions, so there is no set schedule for this tour. But generally, you sail to islands Šolta, Brač and/or Čiovo.


Sailing and skipper are given, and you get a few nice extras: delicious Dalmatian prosciutto, local cheese, white wine, water and lunch at a seaside restaurant.

Who is this tour for

Sailing can be an active or a relaxing tour – as you wish. You can spend the whole day sunbathing at the front and swimming, or you can chat with the skipper and interact with other guests while sipping wine.

The tour is great for all ages, and for families with kids.

Questions and complaints

  • We did not sail most of the day, we had to use the motor. Unfortunately, wind can’t be ordered on demand and if there is no wind, you need to use the motor. On most of the days, the wind picks up in the afternoon. But if you happen to go on a very calm day enjoy the peaceful gliding on the sea.

  • We wanted more wine. You will get a glass or two of wine to sip and enjoy. More wine is not given due to safety reasons, so everyone can enjoy the day on the boat.

  • Can we help with sailing? You can help a bit, but this is a tour and not a sailing course, so the skipper will be doing most of the work.

  • What’s for lunch? You will eat lunch in a beautiful seaside restaurant on the island Šolta, where you will be able to order from their daily menu.

We recommend

  • Wear comfortable clothes and take long sleeves with you
  • Sun protection is essential – you will be out in the open all day
  • Charge your phone – there will be too many beautiful photo opportunities
  • Get there early to get the spot you wish on the boat

We hope that this guide will help you plan your Croatian trip. We will keep passionately checking and looking for the best tours from Split, and we will share all our findings with you. Keep your eye on our blog and our Facebook page for all the updates. Happy traveling!

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