The most popular day tours from Split in 2021

If you are thinking of visiting Split in 2021, we can happily inform you that Split is living its summer to the fullest! The streets are busy with happy people, and it seems like we’ve stepped into that careless time before December 2019. Of course, strict regulations are in place and there are some limitations due to the safety measures – but after last years “trial” season, this is something that comes naturally, not only for the tour organizers who have now prepared the tours with much more ease but also for our guests. After the busy July, we found out which are the most popular day tours from Split in 2021 for you!

Even though we thought that things will be much different, our happy, relaxed, and always after some fun and adventure guests voted – “we want the same exciting tours we always have!” Our guests still want to experience the amazing natural wonders the Croatian coast has to offer, now more than ever!

Many of us have felt that little change inside when living in the moment and getting in touch with nature became the priority. We’ve been through a lot in the past two years, and getting a chance to experience the beauty, adventure, and connection with fellow passengers on day trips around Croatia’s beautiful coast is now not only desirable but also needed. Walking the streets of Split, and little island towns this year, I get the feeling of the ‘good old times’– people are more relaxed and friendly, more people are singing, and enjoying simple things in life.

If you are lucky to be able to visit Split this year, we want you to get the best experience of each day and to remember each moment with joy when you are back home. We want someone to look after you, to make you feel safe in these crazy times, but also to provide the ultimate experience of the place you choose to see – whether this is the dance of the magical blue lights in the Blue Cave, or unreal nature of Cetina River, or the unique beauty of the Krka National Park.

We want you to charge your batteries to the fullest with the beauty, adventure, salty transparent Adriatic Sea that heals! We researched, asked, and took notes to find the best and the most popular day tours from Split in 2021, and our July guests have confirmed this with their smiles and beautiful feedback. We charge your batteries-you charge ours!

To save you from long research and to help you get in the holiday mode as soon as you arrive, we present you the five most popular day tours from Split in 2021 chosen by your fellow travelers and our experienced tour operators.


If you wish to have a full Adriatic experience, feel like you’ve seen it all, and come back from a day trip with salt and sun on your skin – this is your tour. Split is blessed with so many stunning islands in such close vicinity that you can hop on a speedboat and have a week’s experience in one day!

The Blue Cave tour from Split
Inside the Blue Cave

In saying this, although you will visit many locations – the mood after the tour is relaxed, that of a child spending the whole day on the beach, running, diving, swimming and laughing with friends!

At the beginning of this trip, you get to experience the Split Old Town slowly waking up for a busy day ahead. Get a good glance of the old walls of the Diocletian’s Palace and empty cobblestone streets, as they will again be busy with people when you return.

No pictures you’ve seen will prepare you for the beauty of the Blue Cave. We often get asked if it was worth traveling that far to see it – and we pass a message from our past guests – you will want to come and see it again! The experience of getting into the Blue Cave is fun in itself. Especially if you are a bit claustrophobic like me! The entry looks so small, and you go inside in a small wooden boat with about 10 other people in it. Exciting! But don’t worry, it’s not scary at all. I will not get in an elevator, but I’d go to the Blue Cave every day!

After the excitement of getting inside, and when the blue light is all around you, you forget about the rest of the world. The sea and the walls of the cave are magically blue, even the air seems to be colored blue. Prepare your camera – these are the photos you will want to share!

In addition to the Blue Cave and BIŠEVO ISLAND, this tour will also take you to 5 other islands:


Stiniva Beach on Vis Island in Croatia
Stiniva, Vis

The farthest inhabited island off the Croatian mainland and the impressive location of Mamma Mia! Movie. Also, the home of one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches- Stiniva beach


Blue Lagoon Budikovac trip

A small, almost uninhabited island with a transparent azure sea. Perfect location for swimming and snorkeling.


Green cave on the Blue Cave trip from Split
The entry of the Green Cave

The home of the Green Cave and some of the most stunning swimming locations.


Pakleni islands as part of the Blue Cave tour from Split
Pakleni islands

Just off Hvar Island, this set of islets with crystal waters, hidden beaches, deserted lagoons, and thick pine forest promises the ultimate Mediterranean experience.


The sunniest island, the most popular and most visited of all Croatian islands – and with a good reason. The charming narrow cobblestone streets with flowered balconies and sea views wherever you are, a busy port filled with luxury yachts and small wooden boats always full of life, fragrant lavender used to create the unique lavender ice cream flavor you can try here are just some of the reasons you will fall in love with Hvar.

Six different islands, hidden bays, beaches, Dalmatian restaurants, amazing swim stops…made this tour the most popular day tour from Split of all times, and the most popular day tour in Split in 2021. If you want to learn more details about the departure, price, timetable and book this tour now, follow this link.


Krka waterfalls made it to number two on our list of most popular day tours from Split in 2021. The beautiful Krka waterfalls are one of our most famous landmarks, and everyone wants to experience the green heaven and the impressive power of the gigantic waterfalls showing us the power and the beauty of nature. There is a magical feeling about walking the green walking paths, each different and with a different view of the waterfalls.

Walking paths of Krka Waterfalls guided tour

What we love about our most popular Krka tour is that you enter the Krka National Park by boat! Yes- no busy bus entries! Instead, you experience a riverboat ride on almost glass-looking water surrounded by big green mountains where some rare and unique birds can be spotted. Great fun for kids! There are signs where you can find the name of the different birds and unique animals in the park.

Once you get off the boat, you are right there near the biggest and the most impressive waterfall! Take your best pictures while you are still at the beginning of your day. This is your selfie spot if you want to impress your Insta friends.

Krka Waterfalls tour from Split

Another great thing about this tour is that it offers a guided walking tour. We’ve had many groups of young people thinking of skipping the walking tour (you can if you wish), and then returning saying that it was one of the best parts of the tour. Krka is not only an amazingly beautiful natural landmark but also a historical place. The nearby city of Šibenik is the first city with electricity-powered streetlights in the whole world thanks to the power of the water of Krka. You will learn interesting facts and see the parts of the park that you might have missed on your own.

A total of 5 hours in the park can be filled with lots of fun! But if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long, just jump on the riverboat and spend some time in the beautiful little town of Skradin, where you can enjoy walking the colorful streets, buying souvenirs, eating some famous specialties – Skradin cake, čokalice and amazing seafood in general, and swimming. Your comfortable bus will be waiting in Skradin to pick you up and take you to Split. You will find more details of this best nature day tour from Split here.


For the adventurers, this is our ultimate tour! The untouched nature of Cetina canyon, the amazing specter of green colors reflecting in the clear cool water, and the fun team of this company make this tour the top adventure day tour from Split.

This summer is one of the hottest summers we’ve had in recent years. Sea provides a great refreshment, but it can’t beat the cool river water of Cetina! Located between the high mountains and hills and surrounded by thick vegetation providing cool shade, this is the ideal place to cool down.

But even more so, river Cetina is the main site for the adventure day tours from Split. This is where you can challenge yourself to try rafting, canyoning, and even zip line. Rafting is the most popular activity as it is perfect for all ages including families with children. The guides are not only professional and supportive but also fun! Be prepared for good laughter and some swimming in the cool river.

The travel to the starting point is an adventure. Your transfer in a modern, air-conditioned van is secured, and beautiful scenery on the way is guaranteed. After a quick introduction and safety course, you will get all the equipment you need and off you go down the river! Time to get the adrenaline levels up!

Make sure you notice the beauty of the nature around you. Nature will speak to you through crickets chirping, relaxing sounds of water rapids, and a gentle breeze moving through the trees and river plants.If you get a minute between rushing through the rapids, take note of these amazing sounds of nature.

Some practical advice: take shoes that can get wet, a bathing suit, a towel and some food and water with you. You will spend about 3.5 hours on the river with some relaxing breaks, so it is always handy to have a snack (we apply this to every tour we go to 😊).

If you are ready for the ultimate adventure in Split – see more and book the tour here.


The best thing about the day tours from Split is that there are so many stunning places you can visit in a very short time. Only a few hours – and you will feel like you’ve been on a day’s long holiday! The Blue Lagoon is the most popular, and as our guests say, the most beautiful half-day sea tour from Split in 2021. This half-day speedboat tour is the ultimate swimming tour! You can go morning or afternoon (for those who like sleeping in).

The Blue Lagoon is a set of islets near Split made for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. With its clear blue sea in all shades of blue, small pebble beaches, and beautiful lagoons, it is a little piece of heaven on the doorstep of Split. The beaches in Split are great, but this is something different and probably closer to the image you had when you booked your Croatian holiday.

You don’t need to pack much, as the snorkeling equipment will be on the speedboat. If you are traveling with children, they love the snorkeling part of the tour. The water is clear, and they can meet many different sea friends. You can get them a disposable underwater camera to create fun memories they can share with friends at home.

Visitors usually like to add a little stroll, coffee, and ice cream to their tours, so this short ideal tour takes you to the historical UNESCO-protected town Trogir. Trogir is often called the ‘town museum’ as the whole center is filled with beautiful historical monuments. It is also a town of palm trees, old boats, and charming cafes. You will walk the narrow streets, try some amazing coffee and gelato, and be impressed by the sweet smell of Rafioli – aromatic cakes from Trogir. I suggest, try them and take more for later!

If you take the afternoon tour, get your camera ready for the stunning sunset on the sea, and impressive view of Split Esplanade and Diocletian’s Palace upon your return to Split.

Speedboats are great during the Covid seasons as groups are small (up to 10 people), and you are out in the open all day. While saying that, be sun smart and take your hats and sunscreens. Long sleeves for evening tours too!

This tour goes every day, but it is so popular it is always good to book one day in advance. If you are ready for the Blue Lagoon, find out the timetable and book here.


Two famous Croatian landmarks: Hvar town and Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape beach) have not been on the same tour for a long time. Even though our guests have always asked to visit these two amazingly beautiful sites together, it has always been hard to organize it due to the position and wind conditions. Until finally our smart organizers managed to prepare the itinerary that was suitable for the speedboat. This tour quickly became a favorite and made it to the list of most popular day tours from Split in 2021!

Zlatni Rat beach on Bol and Hvar tour from Split

Hvar Town and the Golden Cape beach are the stars of this tour, but you will also visit the spectacular Pakleni islands and stop for wine tasting in Milna on the island Brač! This tour is a real jewel, no wonder it is one of the most popular day tours from Split this year.

Golden cape looks impressive in the pictures, but when you are there and you can feel the small round white pebbles under your feet, and you can dive into the clean fresh turquoise Adriatic Sea it is really something special. The beach is simply perfect – it offers sun, wind, thick pine tree shade, cafes, restaurants…and a sea full of colorful windsurfing sails. You will have enough time to swim and feel the atmosphere, and then off to Hvar.

Bol and Hvar day tour-Golden Cape beach

Hvar is the most popular party spot out of all Croatian islands. But Hvar is so much more than this. Hvar is a historical town with the oldest theatre in Europe, stunning architecture, the Benedictine Convent where nuns use the agave plant for their lace – a unique tradition old more than a hundred years. Hvar is also the home of the Fortica – a medieval castle looming high above the town lit with golden lights at night. It is a beautiful town filled with flowered balconies, charming cafes, ice cream and cake shops, souvenir stalls filled with lavender-inspired souvenirs, and stunning beaches.

You will notice that Hvar is a part of a few of the most popular day tours from Split in 2021 and with a good reason!

Hvar is only a few minutes boat ride from the blue lagoons and sparkly beaches of Pakleni islands where you can swim and sunbathe. There is nothing like Pakleni islands on the Adriatic Coast, and you must be there to smell the air, see the color of the sea and hear the crickets chirping to understand why this place is so special.

On your way back you will have another opportunity to relax with a glass of wine as the last stop is Milna on the Brač Island where you will stop for wine tasting. A perfect end to a fun-filled day.

To book this tour and see more details follow this link.

Now you know which are the most popular day tours from Split in 2021. Split is getting busier by the day, so make sure you plan ahead and book on time so you don’t miss the opportunity to have the experience you desire! You will not go wrong if you try each one of these tours -but if you want to only chose one or a few, we are waiting for your call. Let us know what you expect, what you wish to experience, and we will find the perfect match for you.

See you in Split!

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