Croatia – an ideal destination for Digital Nomads

While many countries are still keeping their borders closed for all visitors, Croatia is now making it easier for long-term visitors to get residency and live at one of Croatia’s amazing destinations for one year. 

Croatia is one of the first countries in the world to introduce visas for digital nomads

The so-called digital nomads, or people who choose to embrace a location-independent, technology-enabled lifestyle that allows them to travel and work remotely, anywhere in the world, can now legally work and live in Croatia starting January 2021.

So far, digital nomads from Canada, the USA, Australia, etc. have been staying in Croatia based on a 3-month tourist visa, but with the introduction of this permit people from all over the world have an option to live in Croatia on a long-term basis. 

Croatia has thus become one of the first countries in the world to enable digital nomads not only to live and work in the county for the long term but also to receive certain tax benefits. Digital nomads will not be taxed in Croatia, will be included in the Croatian health system, and get detailed instructions on how to register for temporary residence in Croatia. 

Visas for digital nomads

The new Act defines a digital nomad as a citizen of another country who is employed or performs business through communication technology for a company or his own company that is not registered in Croatia and does not perform business or provides services to employers in the Republic of Croatia. If you fit this definition -you can find the whole procedure on how to obtain a digital nomad visa in Croatia on the HrTurizam news portal: How to get a visa for digital nomads in Croatia? We bring you the whole procedure – HrTurizam.

Why Croatia

Croatia is abundant with amazing places to visit. Most of the seasonal tourists leave with a list of places they must visit on their next visit because it is impossible to fit it all in one short holiday. Although the day tour business is very well developed and there are some incredible one-day trips to the islands, waterfalls, rivers, mountains…there are some places you will not be able to visit within a day whether you stay in Split, Dubrovnik, Šibenik, Zagreb or another Croatian city.

Bol, Island Brač

Your hardest choice when coming to live in Croatia for a while might be to pick where you want your base to be while in Croatia. There are too many extraordinary locations, and you might just as well move around Croatia within one year and see it all!

Digital nomads already arriving to Split

Our travel agency is located in the Split center, right on the Promenade and we witness all the summer hustle and bustle and winter stillness in our beautiful city through our glass windows. We rarely see a tourist during the winter months as Split is a very seasonal destination.

We have been noticing a few foreigners in the last month, exploring, asking us for directions and guidance and it seems like some of you have already started to use the benefits of this new status in Croatia

We are delighted, as it opens a whole new world of day tours that we can offer to get you to experience Split and its surroundings just like a local, try delicious local food, experience winter wonderlands on Krka and Plitvice national parks, and get the best you can from your time in Croatia. 

Why is Split an ideal city for digital nomads in Croatia?

It’s safe

Split has all the characteristics of a modern city but is still a small place where most locals know and greet each other, and you will feel safe walking the busy streets any time of the day.

Easy to get around

You don’t need to have a car in Split to get around. If you live in the old town and wish to go to the shopping centers, Uber is available and it will take a maximum of 10-15 minutes’ drive from the center to get anywhere in the city.


Split is still an affordable city for living. You can find delicious cooked homemade meals everywhere for around 40 kunas (around 6 USD), and the portions are big enough for 2. So, you don’t even have to cook every day. And if you love cooking, you will find affordable local ingredients at the vibrant Pazar (green market) of Peškarija (fish market).

Public transport and uber fees are reasonable, and the distances are short wherever you go.

You don’t speak Croatian-no problem!

Everyone speaks at least some English. In Croatia, English is thought from Year 1 and the movies are shown in the original language with subtitles on TV and the movies, so everyone is familiar with the language. And- yes you can watch Croatian tv and go to the cinema.

The weather

Hot summers, mild winters, and mostly sunny days make this Mediterranean city an ideal place weatherwise.

Coffee culture

If you like coffee you will easily find your favorite café (they’re on every corner), and within a few days the locals will start greeting you and your coffee will be made for you without you having to order. We love our coffee and the coffee culture in Split is strong.

Outdoor activities

You will never lack places to go for hiking, walking, running, exploring, or just relaxing. Split has been blessed with the Marjan Hill, or the ‘lungs of Split’ as we call it, located only 5 minutes from the city center. The hill is a perfect escape from the busy city with its rich pine tree forests, beaches, walking trails, amazing lookouts (perfect for photos), exercise areas…

The beaches in Split are just as beautiful as on the islands, and only a short walk away. Although Croatian beaches are mostly covered in pebbles, our main city beach Bačvice is sandy. It is famous for the game of Picigin, played by locals every day of the year-rain or shine (and even on the rare occasion when it snows!). The locals are very friendly and will be happy to teach you the game if you wish to join in.

On top of this, amazing historical locations from Roman times, the most famous islands, rafting, picnic areas, and hidden beaches are only a short ride or ferry ride away.


If sunny weather, sunsets on the beaches, relaxed atmosphere of the Promenade or cool forest of Marjan Hill become too tempting – and you can work outdoors, it will not be a problem as cafes are everywhere and they offer free wi-fi with any order.

Day trips

You will notice a huge difference in the city’s lifestyle from winter to summer months. From sleepy streets to a festival of people from all over the world, colorful cafes and restaurants, bars, food stalls, ice cream shops, live music…the city comes to life overnight.

Use the summer months to see as much as you can as that is when small boats operate to islands, the famous Blue Lagoon only 15 minutes from Split, Golden Cape beach, Blue Cave…or try rafting, canyoning, zip-lining…you can see it all with organized day tours and save yourself time and money by traveling this way.

Check the TOP 10 DAY TOURS FROM SPLIT chosen by our guests and us over many years of trying all the tours on offer. Feel free to pop into our agency Riva Travel to get any advice – or just for a chat. We love to introduce our beautiful spot on the Earth to our visitors.

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