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Split walking tour
Adult: 160 KN (~22 EUR)
Sailing 2 islands in 1 day
Adult: 890 KN (~ 120 EUR)
Bol & Golden horn cruise
590 KN (~ 79 EUR)
Half day Blue Lagoon
450 KN (~ 60 EUR)
The Blue Cave Tour
750 KN ( ~103 EUR )
Rafting at Cetina River
350 KN (~ 47 EUR)
Adult: 320 KN (~ 42 EUR)
Sea Kayaking & Snorkeling
Adult: 270 KN (~38 EUR )

Our travelers


Vivian, UK
Vivian, UK
Blue Cave
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Fantastic trip to the Blue Cave. All 5 islands are stunning with beautiful beaches and we even saw dolphins.
Elisha, Italy
Elisha, Italy
Blue Lagoon
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Went to the Blue Lagoon with Luca + Roco and had the best day ever!
Mario, Italy
Mario, Italy
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Waterfalls are spectacular. You can took amazing photos also you can swim and enjoy beautiful views. Apsolutely perfect!
Saaiyed, Oman
Saaiyed, Oman
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It was great experience and we had a lot of fun and for sure I going to repeat it again if I visit Split next time.
Olivia, UK
Olivia, UK
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We did the full day sailing and it was so much fun. Perfect weather, the guys were lovely and the food was delicious.
Kevin, USA
Kevin, USA
ATV Highly recommanded
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We spent 5 Days around Split and it was the best thing we did so far. You’ve got a very beautiful view of the mountains and the lake.
Julia A, Italy
Julia A, Italy
A Tasty Day Trip
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We tried delicious local food and we loved it! We have to say, Soparnik was extraordinary tasty!
Harrow, UK
Harrow, UK
Dubrovnik - Great choice
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Fabulous day trip to Dubrovnik. The tour guide Petar was fantastic with his knowledge and he kept us informed throughout the tour there and back and did not tire.I would highly recommend this trip.
Jaives, Australia
Jaives, Australia
Two islands swimming tour
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Do yourself a favour!
Would highly recommend this cruise with all food and drinks included. Staff are friendly and kind. Relaxed low key cruise with the option to go swimming and snorkelling. Do yourself a favour!
Sandymazz, Australia
Sandymazz, Australia
Plitvice lakes - Great tour
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Just got back from an amazing day travelling from beautiful Split to the amazing Plitvice Lakes. We certainly recommend this tour in a heat beat.
Adrian, UK
Adrian, UK
Zip line - Flying in the mountains
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A good selection of lines, the longest was first and was an awesome run. Nice staff, helpful and instructive. Excellent location with fantastic views, crossing the river twice on the last two runs. Recommended value for money. Parking is difficult and a pain to find.
Nanaal, USA
Nanaal, USA
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An experience you don’t want to miss out on! This wasn’t my first time Canyoning, but the fact that you could abseil during the extreme version was very appealing to me. You abseil next to the highest waterfall in Croatia, which is obviously amazing, and the jumping off the cliffs is a blast as well. This combined with a professional team and equipment is an experience you don’t want to miss out on!

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Spent more that 790 hours on land tours and advises:

  • Always wear comfortable clothes, especially shoes
  • Take some snacks and water with you!
  • Don't forget sunscreen & hats.
  • Make sure to have some cash in local currency
  • Mosquito spray may be handy if you are near water


Was on every sea tour we sell, and she advises:

  • Sun protection is very important!
  • Swimsuit & towel is a must, but take a change of clothes too
  • Have some cash in local currency on you
  • Always take some snacks & water
  • If you feel seasick, there are pills for nausea on the boats


Has tried everything with a word adventure in it, and she advises:

  • Bring water, you need to stay hydrated
  • Wear comfortable & stable footwear (forget flip flops)
  • Bring a swimsuit and change of clothes for water activities
  • You will get hungry after the adventure tours, make a nice sandwich
  • Sunscreen & mosquito spray will be handy


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Upcoming events

in Split & Dalmatia


May 17 - September 20, 2019.

Days of Diocletian

Romans are taking over the city!

Tekst: Split transforms into an ancient settlement during the Days of Diocletian and the history comes alive! Diocletian’s Palace which is an iconic piece of Roman History, built in 305 AD, and UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a central place of the celebration. Every day at noon, the Peristyle Emperor Square holds the changing of the guards and the Emperor welcomes gathered tourists, expressing their welcome in Latin.


12th of July – 14th of July 2019.

ULTRA Europe Music Festival

Welcome to the ULTRA fun place!

This July be ready for the real party! The madness continues with three nights of dancing from dusk until dawn at Ultra Europe! Split’s Poljud Stadium comes to life with the best artists in electronic music, top tier world-class production and state of the art stage design that will provide an experience like no other on the Dalmatian Coast.


28th of June – 20th of July 2019.

Dalmatian Klapa Festival Omiš

Feel the angelic acapella music

Meet the tradition of singing acapella songs at Dalmatian klapa festival in Omiš. A groups of singers called „klapa“ are singing the most melodious of songs from the high pitched tenor to the low bass, and together they create angelic music without the use of instruments, music from the soul. Klapa have contributed greatly to the development of culture, and a new level of the acapella. A full month of a truly amazing experience! Since 1967.

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